All this is happening because we believe that gastronomy can change the world.

Τhe Greek Butcher.

The Greek Butcher team

matures high quality beef for up to 8+ weeks! Our meat acquires a characteristic umami taste and rich aromas. Through its specialist cuts of beef and a multitude of products such as spreads, sauces, grills and bbq & serving accessories it supports professional and amateur chefs nationwide!”


Hemingway believed that the only way for a man to understand womanhood is to understand exactly what happens to beef and how its flavor offerings change and develop. The meat, when it becomes “vintage”, takes on a feminine texture, softens and becomes velvety…

“Thus it acquires deep aromas of beef, nuts and cheeses that bring out the umami sensation in the mouth…”
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The Greek Butcher’s Lab

In our facilities, in the settlement of Mesochori Komotini, we mature selected cuts of beef and mutton for up to 8 weeks, applying all health rules and quality control procedures.

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