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SKU: ΕΙΔ0000206

Rock n’ Rubs – The winner steaks it all!

Το μείγμα του νικητή! Πυραμίδες άλατος, αρωματικό tellicherry πιπέρι, πράσινο πιπέρι, σκόρδο & τσίλι εμπλουτίζουν, όχι μόνο τις μπριζόλες σας, αλλά και τα burger! Πασπαλίστε πριν το ψήσιμο αλλά και μετά (σε ζεστό κρέας)!

Συστατικά: 60% αλάτι (πυραμίδες) μπαχαρικά (15% πιπέρι tellicherry, πράσινο πιπέρι, τσίλι) καπνιστό αλάτι (επιτραπέζιο αλάτι, καπνός) νιφάδες σκόρδου, νιφάδες κρεμμυδιού.

Περιεχόμενο: 140g


The winner steaks it all!
Everything you need for a Winner-Steak fine pyramid salt, aromatic Tellicherry pepper, green pepper, garlic and chili. Refines not only steaks of all kinds, but also burgers, poultry, fish, grilled vegetables and much more without masking their own taste. Sprinkle on the food to be grilled before grilling or (at high grilling temperatures) as a finisher at the table. dosage according to taste.

Ingredients: 60% salt flakes (pyramid salt), spices (15% Tellicherry pepper, green pepper, chili), smoked salt (table salt, smoke), garlic granules, onion granules

Since no anti-caking agents are added to our high-quality spice mixtures, lumps can occasionally form (particularly if they are stored too hot or too humid). This is not a quality defect but is proof of the quality and freshness of the ingredients. The product can easily be spread again with a spoon, mortar or mixer.

Type: Seasoning Item
no.: 100084
Content: 140 g


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