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SKU: ΕΙΔ0000396

Rock n’ Rubs – Δερμάτινη ποδιά BBQ

Ψήσε με στυλ !

Χειροποίητη ποδιά με ρουστίκ αισθητική φτιαγμένη από, υψηλής ποιότητας, γνήσιο δέρμα αγελάδας. Άνετη ακόμα και για ώρες ψησίματος, χάρη στα πλαϊνά και πίσω ρυθμιζόμενα λουριά.
Οι δύο μεγάλες τσέπες μπροστά είναι ιδανικές για να τοποθετήσεις διάφορα αξεσουάρ. Κατάλληλη και για μαγείρεμα.
Η ποδιά που αγοράζεις είναι φτιαγμένη από ενιαίο κομμάτι δέρματος και όχι από κομμάτια που πουλιούνται με το μέτρο.
Το δέρμα “Crunch” ή rub-off βάφεται συνήθως πρώτα με ένα ανοιχτό χρώμα και μετά σκουπίζεται με πιο σκούρο για να δημιουργήσει το χαρακτηριστικό του δίχρωμο φινίρισμα. Με τον χρόνο και τη χρήση μαλακώνει και γίνεται όλο και πιο όμορφο και μοναδικό.

Grill apron – Grill with Style

The rustic, handmade apron made of high-quality genuine cowhide leather, with a side loop and carabiner as well as a crossed back strap, offers perfect wearing comfort even for hours of BBQ sessions.

There are two large pockets on the front, perfect for storing important barbecue utensils or beer. Also suitable for cooking and baking.

The barbecue apron made of high-quality genuine leather – a natural product for great BBQ experiences! Genuine cowhide leather at its finest for the highest demands. A dream for everyone who likes leather.

Here you receive a complete leather skin from the cow, not a piece of leather sold by the meter.

Genuine leather is a natural product. We ask you to take the following into account: slight irregularities in the leather surface are a sign of genuine leather and do not represent a defect. With this natural product, there may be slight color variations between the individual hides.

The apron offers perfect wearing comfort thanks to the crossed back strap, even for hours-long BBQ sessions. There is no weight in the neck area. The straps are also adjustable in size, so it’s also something for slightly taller/stronger guys!

Aprons CRUNCH (Purple & brown):

“Crunch” or rub-off leather is typically hand or machine dyed a lighter color and wiped over with a darker color, creating the characteristic two-tone finish. These leathers are also called antique finish leathers. The lighter color in the lower area shines through the applied darker color and gives the leather a characteristic patina. Here the apron only becomes more beautiful and, above all, softer over time, or rather – with each wear. This creates the special “used look” and uniqueness. This effect is intentional and does not represent a defect.


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